TEPA (Texas Electricity Professionals Association)

TEPA was formed to uphold integrity and maintain honor in the Texas energy market. Rapid Power Management has been a strong supporter and member of TEPA since its founding. RPM recommends working with a broker that is a member of TEPA.

Benefits of Using a TEPA Electricity Professional:

By working with a TEPA qualified electricity professional, you are working with an industry expert that understands the intricacies of the Texas electricity market. TEPA professionals are aggregators, brokers, and consultants (A/B/C) which have demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the Texas electricity deregulation rules & regulations as well as the growing number of counterparties involved. By working with a TEPA professional, you are leveraging the purchasing power, knowledge and industry network capabilities that only a TEPA industry expert can provide. In addition, TEPA professionals are held to the highest of ethical standards.

Each potential TEPA applicant must go through a rigorous application process including detailed experiences, industry references, services offered and be sponsored by a TEPA professional.

To find out more out TEPA, please reference their web-site: http://www.tepatexas.org/.