Surge Protection

According to Business Week, damage caused by surges in electrical systems equate to over $26 billion per year in lost time, equipment and equipment repair for US businesses. In this automated and computer driven world, protecting mission-critical electronic systems with surge suppression is a relatively inexpensive electrical system insurance policy.

Surge Protection Devices (SPD) equipment will protect your electrical, data and telecom equipment from the effects of lightning induced voltages, external switching transients and internally generated electrical transients. These effects range from panel board destruction damaged variable frequency drives, and data equipment failure.

Our solution includes one of the most recognized and respected line of surge suppressors in the power quality world, Innovative Technology (I.T.).  The Protector line from I.T. has solved the most difficult electrical transient problems for business, industry, government and defense sectors since 1980.  Please see below for a summary of The Protector line or visit their website at

Innovative Technology Protector Line

The I.T. Protector line encapsulates the ATN® (Active Tracking Network) which suppresses both switching generated ringing and high-energy impulse generated transients. This technology is standard on the PTE model.  Illustrated below on the right clamps the voltage with a tight tolerance around the sine wave, thus peak voltage is limited. In contrast, the voltage spike level is higher on the standard threshold surge suppression

Active Tracking Network Threshold Suppression

To learn more about the I.T. Protector line, contact us or give us a call at 469-759-1450.

Rapid Power Management (RPM) proposes to install surge suppression equipment according to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standard 1100-1999. This is the standard of recommended design/installation practices of surge protection.  Within any facility, a three step strategy is recommended. Find the following three steps broken down by different categories:

  • Service Entrance (Category C)
    Surge Suppression is placed at this part of the facility to protect against large transients on the power system originating outside of the user’s facility, associated with lightning or major power-system events. These suppressors are the first line of defense for a facility as they divert the high-energy, outside surges to ground. These units are typically sized between 300 to 400 kA per phase peak surge current.

  • Distribution Panel Locations (Category B)
    Not all of the energy that comes from outside surges is dissipated to ground by the service entrance device, thus equipment needs to be installed at all distribution panels that supply power to critical equipment. Most transients are thought to come from outside sources, but 80% of transients are generated from equipment within a facility. Thus, it is also critical to install suppressors at the distribution panels to protect against internal transients created by switching of motors, HVAC equipment and manufacturing load. These units are typically sized between 120 to 160 kA per phase peak surge current.

  • Branch Panel Locations/Telecom Circuits/Data Circuits (Category A)
    Locations throughout the facility that are of the process control, sensing/monitoring, telecom, computer or data type are extremely vulnerable to transients. Thus, point-of-use installations provide extra protection against all transients. These units are typically sized at 80 kA per phase peak surge current.

  • Installation
    Surge Suppressors are to be installed as close to the equipment being protected as possible. Feed length will be kept at a minimum and straight as possible to minimize the resistive path of the circuit to ground. A solid connection to the system grounding conductor is essential for proper operation.

Surge Protection Articles

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Innovative Technology Warranty

A certificate of the 20 year replacement warranty for the Innovative Technology line of surge protection devices.
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Below are cut sheets for popular Innovative Technology Surge Protection Devices:

PTE120 PTE240 PTX120 PTX240