Rapid Power Management (RPM) is a trusted energy management advisor that delivers turn-key solutions to companies and institutions seeking to implement an overall energy management strategy and lower their energy costs.

Energy Procurement

Organizations that have smart energy purchasing strategies realize that negotiating energy contracts is about cost savings and risk management. Applying solid risk management techniques takes dedicated internal resources that understand the volatility of the electric and natural gas markets. Rapid Power Management has the expertise and tools, like our Price Alert system, to help our clients implement an effective energy management strategy. View Energy Procurement Services

Power Factor Correction

RPM has been a leader in Power Factor Correction since 2003. There are many factors to consider when analyzing the best way to improve power factor efficiency levels. We understand all the technical and financial implications and we work with our customers to develop a custom solution to best meet their needs. Using a consultative approach, our experienced staff can help you identify how much you are paying in penalties per year and recommend and implement the best solution to increase power factor efficiency—and avoid costly penalties. View Power Factor Correction Services

Lighting Retrofits

Today's lighting systems not only provide better efficiency, but produce the better quality illumination and lower maintenance cost than the older systems. Rapid Power Management offers expertise in energy management and lighting technology, as well as proven savings and customer testimonials. We provide turnkey lighting retrofit projects, with a complete analysis before starting the project and post-installation support to ensure our clients realize all the financial benefits available. View Lighting Retrofits Services

Electrical Engineering Services

As your energy consulting experts, we offer many custom engineering services. From Sales Tax Exemption Studies (Predominant Use Studies) to Energy Audits and Power Quality Studies, RPM is the place to turn to for energy management expertise. View Electrical Engineering Services Services

Surge Protection

Surge Protection Devices (SPD) equipment will protect your electrical, data and telecom equipment from the effects of lightning induced voltages, external switching transients and internally generated electrical transients. RPM can help you avoid damage caused by surges in electrical systems that can result in lost time and costly equipment repair. View Surge Protection Services