Pennsylvania became an electric deregulated state in 1997, but rate caps in different utility territories have limited opportunities for buyers. Consumers living in regions, where rate caps have expired, have seen their rates increase up to 30 percent, which creates an active market. The last of these rate caps will expire in January 2011.

Rapid Power Management has offered Pennsylvania-based companies access to the brightest team of energy procurement consultants in the country. From mid-size to large companies, we have reduced energy consumption and lowered electricity costs for businesses across Pennslyvania since 2005. Give us a call to discuss how we can improve your procurement strategy.

Services RPM offers: Management of Energy Procurement

Some of the companies we work with in the Northeast are Siemens, Gem-Sensors and RAF Hardware. If you are interested in any of these services or have any questions, please call or email the Pennsylvania representative listed below:

Pennsylvania Contact

James “J.D.” Dodson – President
Direct Line: (469) 759-1450

Client Testimonial

"We partnered with RPM because they offered the best experience and knowledge of the energy market. They were responsive to our needs and presented us with realistic goals when it came to deciding what was achievable as a solution."Derek Chapin, CFO of

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