Lighting Retrofit

Lighting technologies are constantly improving.  Today’s lighting systems not only provide better efficiency, but produce the better quality of illumination and lower maintenance cost than the older systems.

This is an example of a typical retrofit in the field. Woot! ( is an online retail store that focuses on selling one cool item everyday at a cheap price.

Their facility had 400 watt metal halide fixtures throughout. Retrofitting to a T-5 fluorescent high bay system will save them more than $39,000 annually and improve the light levels in their aisles allowing their material handling to be more efficient. The fixtures in the aisles include sensors to insure the lighting is on only when needed.


Financial Analysis

Many lighting retrofit companies don’t bother to pursue all financial benefits available. These organizations don’t want to deal with the hassle of working through a local utility rebate program. Note that Rapid Power Management will pursue all financial avenues to help a client realize the benefits that come with a new lighting system. Here a few of those benefits:

  • Local utility lighting upgrade rebates
  • Local utility sensor installation rebates
  • Day light harvesting sensor applications
  • Federal Tax Deduction (EPACT 2005)
  • Leasing Packages

Lighting retrofit will save an average of $39,000 per year while improving aisles lighting.

Please see a sample of a financial analysis below

To understand the financials, please click here to request a lighting audit to be done on your facility.

Lighting Education

EPACT 2005

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Interior Fluorescent Lighting Update

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Recommended Light Levels

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Advance Warranty

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Metal Halide vs. T-5 Fluorescent Fixture Comparison

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