Energy Procurement

Organizations that have smart energy purchasing strategies not only focus on cost savings, but more importantly realize that purchasing energy commodities is more about risk management. Applying solid risk management techniques takes dedicated internal resources that understand the volatility of the electric and natural gas markets. Most industries are too focused on their core competencies and thus outsource their energy management to an energy broker or consultant, like Rapid Power Management.

To manage the price volatility in the energy markets take sophisticated tools, like our Price Alert System. The alert insures that our clients move quickly when the energy market drops:

Company ABC Sales Consultant JD Dodson
Current Rate $0.09897 Indicative Contract Price $0.09439
Current Annual Cost $71,427.18 % Annual Cost Savings 4.6%
$  Annual Cost Savings $3,652
Contract End Date 5/13/2009 New Contract Terms * New one year contract

To make educated decisions, our clients receive timely information on markets from our weekly market update, called “Particles”.

To insure proper billing, our clients receive bill audits.

To insure proper resolution of billing issues, our experienced personal handle all interfaces with the retailer and utility.

As most competitors promise to always save their clients money, we focus on being straight with our clients and help them understand the risk/reward opportunity that is available at any one time in the market. This honest approach has led to long-term partnerships with clientele that value trust in their supplier relationships.