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As an energy consulting company we offer many custom engineering services:

  • Sales Tax Exemption Studies – These studies are also called predominant use studies. Our work has mostly been in Texas whereby a manufacturer can claim sales tax exemption if 50% of their load is proven to be used towards their manufacturing process. The rules around proving the exemption are very distinct and laid out buy the Texas State Comptroller. These rules are strictly followed and any studies done before 2004 are not up to the current code. Thus, if the State Comptroller audits your facility you will need an updated study performed. For facilities that have paid this sales tax for years and qualify, you are eligible to get back taxes paid for the previous four years. Rapid Power Management has done predominant use studies since the inception of our company in 02’, One of our best success stories was helping a prominent water bottle manufacturer in the Dallas area collect well over $150,000 in taxes paid. To get a quote, please click here.

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    Predominant Use Study Requirements

    The below document is from the Susan Comb Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website. This document includes the requirements by the state for a study to be valid. Open PDF File

  • Energy Audits – Before a company can move forward with an effective energy strategy, understanding how they are using the energy in their facility is imperative. An energy audit provides usage information that can be used for prioritization of projects.

    In a recent audit for a semi-conductor supplier manufacture, RPM discovered over $100K of energy savings.  The following energy conservation opportunities were identified:
    • retrofitting motors with variable frequency drives
    • retrofitting existing lighting system
    • installing power factor correction capacitors
    • sealing leaks around windows
    • converting to a primary tariff rate
    Sample Energy Audit PDF

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  • Power Quality Studies – Customers don’t typically think in terms of the quality, when thinking of the power in their facility, until they notice odd occurrences. These occurrences can range from motor failure, electronic control blips to explosions. If your facility equipment is acting in a strange manner, a study of the power in your facility will give clues to what the problem might be.

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